How to Create a Workbook in Canva
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How to Create a Workbook in Canva

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During this Online workshop you will be taken through EASY steps to create a beautiful workbook that can be used as part of your Online or Face to face trainings.

Or you might create one as a stand alone product to sell digitally or printed!    

We will be using Canva and will also give you a BONUS free copy of one of Trudy's workbook templates, so you can follow along. 

The aim of this course is to show you how set up your workbook template and edit it to have confidence to write as many Ebooks and workbooks that your heart desires.

This simple and easy to follow Online Workshop will take you on a journey of creating a Workbook using Canva. 

Your trainer has ran over 100+ face to face topics in face to face and Online workshops and knows that most people like the ability to follow along with a workbook and either take notes or refer back whenever required. 


Video Training - I hour

Bonus videos - 30 minutes

Bonus template - 110 page eWorkbook (editable in Canva) 


Step 1 - How to open and edit your BONUS template

VIDEO TUTORIAL: 25 minutes

  • using the provided Canva template link 
  • saving a blank copy
  • creating a new copy
  • editing your copy and adding your personal content
  • adding url links into your pdf 

Step 2 -  Basic drag and drop method 

VIDEO TUTORIAL: 2 minute run time

  • practical exercise shown inside Canva
  • how to use the basic drag and drop method
  • action step 

Step 3 - Setting up more advanced eWorkbook designs

VIDEO TUTORIAL: 33 minutes and 25 seconds run time

  • eBook sizes
  • how many pages
  • planning the sequence of your eBook
  • types of layouts
  • preparing your layout
  • setting up headings, table of contents, page numbers
  • how to set up your own template

    Step 4 - Ready to download/upload/print/sell

    • getting your front and rear cover into your eBook
    • downloading your pdf (for print quality or standard file)

    VIDEO TUTORIAL: 11 minute 41 seconds run time

    By the conclusion of this workshop you shall have a PDF eWorkbook ready to use, print or sell as a digital product and/or to complement your online or face to face workshops. 

    Please note that this training is based on using desktop to create your Workbook and various changes may be required to create on Ipad/Phone devices. 


    To make this and easy and smooth training we have provided you with a copy of Trudy's 35 page comprehensive eBook Workbook template and you will be creating your eWorkbook in Canva quicker and easier than ever. 


    1. How to Create Ebook Covers

    VIDEO TUTORIAL: 18 minute run time

    • eBook sizes
    • do some research - book covers, genre on amazon etc
    • colour, theme and title
    • creating your eBook cover in Canva
    • drag and drop graphics, wording, elements etc

    2. An overview of ways and platforms that can host and sell your eBook

    VIDEO TUTORIAL: 12 minutes and 39 second run time

    • what you can do with your eBook to suit your purpose and audience
    • promotional designs 
    • digital download platforms


    3 Steps to Successfully Using this MasterClass

    1. Grab a notebook and pen and have them on hand as you are very likely to get some ‘aha’ moments, ideas and inspiration as you progress through this MasterClass. Write down notes as you watch and listen to the video tutorial.
    2. Set aside some specific time to undertake this session and preferably without interruptions.
    3. Open up your Canva account and follow along with the instructions. 
    4. Be sure to pause the video at any time as you are far more likely to enjoy success in this area if you practice what you are learning as you work through the video workshop tutorial.


    Your Workshop trainer Trudy Vesotsky has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

    Her first physical book was published in 2009 and included an accompanying Ebook that she created which included fillable forms, and an embedded meditation. 

    She has created 80+ digitial products part time in 16 months including 10+ eBooks. 

    She had much success with this and has decided its time to show you how easy it is!


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    Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!

    Enjoy x

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