6 Steps to Grant Success - In Person Workshop
6 Steps to Grant Success - In Person Workshop
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6 Steps to Grant Success - In Person Workshop

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  • Your highly qualified and fun trainer
  • A 4 hour in person workshop with personalised group coaching related to your Grant (bring along your application & ask questions relating to it)
  • 7 Bonus documents
  • Certificate of Completion 


With 600 billion dollars AND up to 3 trillion dollars available via grant funding around the world, this workshop is a MUST!

Writing a grant or contract proposal can be very frustrating and time-consuming.

Writing grants is a skill set and this is one of the best workshops to attend if you are looking to gain great grant writing skills and get those much needed $$ and funds for you, your business, community or individual project.

This Workshop is for everyone who has always wanted to write a grant, but thought they couldn’t…

This workshop will benefit participants with little or no experience in Grant Writing.


This workshop will give you step-by-step guidance on how to complete your Grant writing application. You will gain insight from a veteran grant professional on what it really takes to win grant money. 

This workshop has been broken into 6 modules which follow our 6 Step Process to Grant Success as shown below, including the following BONUSES!

You will receive:

1. Mock Grant Application Form (so that you can practice)

2. FREE Copy of our Grants Action Plan (PDF)

3. Grants Portfolio Template (PDF) 


You will also receive:

  • Action Words document (with a list of over 100 action words that can be used in your grant application to give you far greater success)!
  • Continual Review document 
  • A digital document with 35 clickable links with Grant Funding websites (featuring many grants funds from across the globe). 
  • A digital document with 19 clickable links to census data, community profiles and other research data (featuring data websites from across the globe). 


There are many grant writing workshops out there, but most just skim the surface of what really matters. They teach how to fill in the boxes but don't look at the psychology of the person/process or technology conducting your assessment. 

That's what really matters.

Understanding the psychology of how your assessment panel respond to what you write on your applications pages, is crucial.

There may still be a lot of humans assessing and reading your applications but there are also many programs developed to scan your application (computer generated) and this will continue to increase so you really MUST understand how this all works to ensure your grant funding success!

Few of us are deeply versed in the skills of writing psychology; yet these things determine the fate of our funding, so you are in great luck because your workshop instructor has a background in Behavioural Psychology and Linguistics.


Step 1 - Plan and Prepare for Grant Writing 

  • How to Use Your Grants Portfolio 
  • What's in a Grant Application/Mission Statements/Eligibility 
  • Project Proposal, Budget & Sustainability 
  • Your Action Plan/Continual Application Review 

Step 2 -  Write Grant Funding Application 

  • How to Create a Project Summary and Timeline 
  • Who is your Target Group? 
  • Gathering Useful Data and Statistics 
  • Understanding Jargon - Aims, Objectives, Outcomes & Outputs 
  • Psychology of Language -Using Funder Language and Action Words 
  • Let's Talk Financials - Budget and In-kind Calculations 
  • Evaluation and Measurement 
  • Attachments 

Step 3 - Review your Grant Application  

  • Reviewing Grant Application Checklist 

Step 4 - Submit your Grant Application

  • Time to press send and common mistakes to avoid 

Step 5 -  Complete and Repeat

  • After the Grant and Evaluating and Reporting (Acquittal Process) 

Step 6 - Learn How to Find Grant Funding

  • Where to Find Grant Funding 
  • Practical Search Exercise 

Certificate of Completion will be presented at the conclusion of this workshop.



Your Workshop trainer (Trudy Vesotsky) has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

Trudy has been highly successful in the grant arena for over 25 years, she developed a grant funding process for Local Government, has sat on grant panels, been successful with grants and taught students that have had massive success. 

She wrote her first grant application when she was in her 20's and most recently spent 12 years working in a Senior role within Local Government and was not only personally successful in successful submissions over a million dollars but also training and supporting community groups, business and individuals in grant writing skills with a total to year date of over 1.5 million dollars.

That's a lot of money right?

Her background in a local government, community and business development, not for profit organisations and behavioural psychology gives her a diverse background to draw upon which will make your workshop experience even more valuable.

That's a lot of money right?


Whether you are new to grant writing, “thought you knew what you were doing” but aren’t getting the results you want, or simply want to learn some key elements to being more persuasive in your proposals or to become more efficient at writing, this course will teach you all that you need to know.

The grant funding mentioned during this training are for example only as many of you are located in different parts of the world so this class is for anyone and everyone as it does not cover Country specific grants but overall the best ways to write a winning grant ( we will however show where to find grants globally).


There are no prerequisites for this training however feel free to grab our FREE 'What are Grants' Workshop and watch that prior to undertaking this workshop as you will find the background information valuable.

Click the link to download Part 1 of this workshop which is currently available for FREE (normally $197) https://my.holpsy.com/collections/online-workshops/products/grants

We really want to see you get results, and plan out your entire grant application and improve with much needed projects amongst communities and business.  


We are currently only providing limited in person workshops across Australia.  Please email to holpsy@holpsy.com should you wish to organise an in house training (minimum of 20 persons) or keep a look out for training schedules on our social media. 

We wish you all the best and much success!

Much love

Trudy, The Holistic Psychology Team


I was the Mayor or Renmark for 12 years, 8 of those years in which I had the pleasure of having Trudy Vesotsky as our Manager Community Services.

She is well known for many facets of Community Development but she is also very well known  for knowing how to find grant funding and write successful grant applications.

If there is Grant funding available out there, trust me she will find it.  She has had enormous success with grant funding for many community projects and rebuilding some of our Council assets.

She also designed Council’s first Grant Funding application process as well as overseeing our Grants Assessment panel.  I highly recommend spending some time with her and taking advantage of her extensive knowledge in Grant funding - Rodney Thomas (Former Mayor Renmark Paringa Council)

We have been applying for grants unsuccesfuly for years and went onto several grant workshops and still no luck and were starting to get ready to give up. We were introduced to Trudy by some friends and asked her to present to our group in the hope that we could learn some tips on how to improve. 

We learnt much more than that! Not only have we been succesful in receiving several some small grants ($30,000) but we have also received notification that we have been short listed for a major grant for $250,000 over a 3 year period. 

We are so grateful for Trudy and all her insights. We highly recommend all that she does and all that she gives of herself and her time to improve communities. Thanks again. -  Henry 

 I have been involved with Trudy and her Holistic Psychology workshops for years and have used their Business Coaching and attended most of their workshops.  I have learnt and put into practice so much that I am constantly exceeding my personal and business goals. Highly highly recommend Trudy and all that she does. ~ Jenny


Grant writers are in high demand and we receive many enquiries about grant writing services. 

Grant writing can be an incredibly rewarding career/business opportunity. 

If you love to write, are highly organised, and enjoy working for a good cause, grant writing may be the perfect career for you. g

Hourly rate for grant writers with proven success winning large grants can be between $75-$150 or more per hour or alternatively many people choose a package price dependent on the level of work involved. 

The Grant Guru Academy aims to present highly skilled people from across the globe to write outstanding grant funding applications. 

All participants of this Masterclass workshop are invited to enquire about joining our Grant Guru Academy. 

There is an assessment process (fee applies) to be undertaken upon conclusion of this workshop which includes an interview and evidence of grant writing skills to be submitted (a complete grant funding application). 

Applicants will then be categorised as either: 

Level A - Comprehensive Grant Writer - highly competent level grant writing which includes development of business plans and comprehensive program planning. 

Level B - Professional Grant Writer  - excellent level of grant writing. 

Once the applicant is approved they can be listed on our website so that people can peruse details and contact you directly to discuss any grant writing needs. 

Please feel free to email to holpsy@holpsy.com to discuss this opportunity further. 

We wish you all the best and much success!

Much love

Trudy, The Holistic Psychology Team


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