What are Grants - PART 1
What are Grants - PART 1
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What are Grants - PART 1

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There are not only a lot of grant funding opportunities currently available but with the COVID19 situation there will be an ENORMOUS amount of new funding that will become available.

Get skilled up NOW!


We are offering you this workshop for FREE because we want to set up a chain reaction of change makers and creators to improve their grant writing skills (whether they be individuals, organisations and businesses), which in turn creates positive change amongst our global communities.

There is so much grant funding money out there available in so many areas so get ready to watch this workshop series and spread the word and go get that money!


  • Online Video Tutorial runs for 54 minutes


Note: This Workshop includes a 54 minute video tutorial and IS approximately 352 mb in size.

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6. Once you have downloaded this workshop and watched it, head to check out Part 2 of this Workshop (scroll down for more info). 



There is between 600 billion to 4 trillion dollars worth of grant funding available across the globe.

Over 200 billion dollars of that is available in our home country Australia (1 year ago we had less than 80 billion available).

This FREE Workshop will cover:

  • Trudy's Grant Writing Story (wrote her first grant 28 yrs ago and has since designed a grant fund, overseen applications and teaches grant writing classes)
  • Dispelling some Myths
  • What are Grants?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Some Grant Tips
  • Why is there so much money on offer?
  • What are some projects that you can get funding for?
  • Taking you through a sample funding application online so you can see how easy writing a grant can be.

This Online FREE Class will blow your mind and is the foundation/introduction course to your Grants experience.


Your Workshop trainer (Trudy Vesotsky) has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

Trudy has been highly successful in the grant arena for over 25 years, she developed a grant funding process for Local Government, has sat on grant panels, been successful with grants and taught students that have had massive success. 

She wrote her first grant application when she was in her 20's and most recently spent 12 years working in a Senior role within Local Government and was not only personally successful in successful submissions over a million dollars but also training and supporting community groups, business and individuals in grant writing skills with a total to year date of over 1.5 million dollars.

That's a lot of money right?

Her background in a local government, community and business development, not for profit organisations and behavioural psychology gives her a diverse background to draw upon which will make your workshop experience even more valuable.


I was the Mayor or Renmark for 12 years, 8 of those years in which I had the pleasure of having Trudy Vesotsky as our Manager Community Services.

She is well known for many facets of Community Development but she is also very well known  for knowing how to find grant funding and write successful grant applications.

If there is Grant funding available out there, trust me she will find it.  She has had enormous success with grant funding for many community projects and rebuilding some of our Council assets.

She also designed Council’s first Grant Funding application process as well as overseeing our Grants Assessment panel.  I highly recommend spending some time with her and taking advantage of her extensive knowledge in Grant funding. - Rodney Thomas (Former Mayor Renmark Paringa Council)

We have been applying for grants unsuccesfuly for years and went onto several grant workshops and still no luck and were starting to get ready to give up. We were introduced to Trudy by some friends and asked her to present to our group in the hope that we could learn some tips on how to improve. 

We learnt much more than that! Not only have we been succesful in receiving several some small grants ($30,000) but we have also received notification that we have been short listed for a major grant for $250,000 over a 3 year period. 

We are so grateful for Trudy and all her insights. We highly recommend all that she does and all that she gives of herself and her time to improve communities. Thanks again. -  Henry 

 I have been involved with Trudy and her Holistic Psychology workshops for years and have used their Business Coaching and attended most of their workshops.  I have learnt and put into practice so much that I am constantly exceeding my personal and business goals. Highly highly recommend Trudy and all that she does. ~ Jenny


The next part of your grant writing journey is '6 Steps to Grant Funding Success'. 

Check out this comprehensive workshop at the link below!


27 Step by Step Videos to work through in a training platform. 

5 Bonuses including a Mock Application form to fill in as you watch each video. 

A Certificate of Completion to add to your  resumé or portfolio. 

and so much more!


We believe in building foundations so if you have yet to complete a funding application complete this FREE workshop first and then move on to the next workshop.

Wishing you much success!

If you have any questions please email to us at holpsy@holpsy.com or complete our contact form in the tabs one the website menu.

Trudy and The Holistic Psychology Team x

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