Inner Child Collection - 3 Part Series

is conducted over 3 workshop classes

Week 1 - Re-connect with your inner child/ren - 1 hr workshop
Week 2 - Heal with your inner child/ren - 1 hr workshop
Week 3 - Re-integrate with your inner child/ren - 1 hr workshop

Each session will feature:
✔️ a written exercise
✔️ practical technique
and we will conclude the session with a
✔️ meditation

They can be purchased individually but for best results please consider undertaking them in order eg, Part 1, Part 2 and finish with Part 3. 

This Online workshop class was delivered Live and everyone attending has enjoyed amazing results. 

Read some feedback below or click our testimonials tab section for more feedback. 


Here is SOME feedback so far from people who did this video series

Highly recommend this series!!! ~ Alison B

Life changing workshop. I watched 1 video per week and I can only say WOW! I am calmer, I am enjoying the natural joy and everyone around me is wondering why. One word, Trudy's Inner Child Classes lol ~ Julie W

I always get triggered this time of the year but my inner child and I did some beautiful reconnecting and for the first time in 30 years I feel happy, joyful, loved and in zen bliss! ~ Jamie T

Inner Child Work Changed my Life! Trudy has been one of the most positive influential mentors I have had in my life. Her level of expertise, care, honesty, integrity and ability to access deep wisdom and energetic information has enabled me to break-free from my own limitations in order for me to step into my authentic self. Trudy has been a significant catalyst in my search for truth and personal journey. I highly recommend Trudy's work, I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance. ~ Alana Arvanitis

Incredibly powerful, insightful and hugely valuable. This workshop made such a positive difference in my life, allowed me to resolve and remove blocks and obstacles (that I wasn't even aware of), stop self sabotaging, make peace with my past, learn my lessons, listen to my intuition, trust myself, have more fun and play time. A "must do" for anyone who is struggling, feels stagnant, keeps living the same experiences/mistakes (groundhog day), sabotages or pushes away the good things in their life, lives life for others, feels hopeless and wants to give up, isn't sure what they want or where they are heading, needs a fresh outlook and change in mindset. Trust yourself, sign up and change your life!! Trudy is amazing!! ~ Karen Low

WOW! Amazing shifts during this powerful Inner Child session, thank you so much and look forward to Part 2 & 3. - Jen x