As well as being focused on reaching goals we believe passionately in balance, new adventures, great food, love, + a continual life of growth and development.

My name is Trudy and I'm a proud mother of 2 adult sons. 

I live with my partner and family on the sunny Gold Coast which I believe is one of the most beautiful places in Australia.


I started running my first business when I was 16 years old and I think that my entrepreneur spirit stems from growing up on a vineyard/fruit produce farm to migrant parents who were focused on succeeding and getting the job done.

I spent many years in different fields and most recently 12 years in Government managing a diverse community services portfolio.

What can I say, I love community and I love people connecting and living fulfilled purposeful lives.

I love travelling and experiencing new adventures. I speak Greek fluently and my grandfather spoke 7 languages so my aim is to add at least another two to my repertoire over the next decade.

I personally know the benefits of ongoing learning and evolving, striving towards Self Mastery which is why I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with you.


My passion in Community Development inspired me to learn more about grant funding
I wrote my first grant application aged 22 years of age and surprised at the amount of money available.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

I most recently spent 12 years in a senior role in Local Government and was not only personally successful in writing grant applications worth over a million dollars in grant funding but also training and supporting community groups, business and individuals in grant writing skills with a total to year date of over 4.5 million dollars (to date and rising).⠀

That's alot of money right?⠀

But did you know that there is between 600 BILLION to 4 trillion dollars in funding worldwide. 

230 billion in my home country Australia!

We have some workshops coming up about learning how to get some of this money so keep a look out on our social media or SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter for regular updates. 


Prior to 5 years ago I had written and delivered over 100 workshops on Behavioural Psychology topics.

The following year I lost my memory and speech. You can imagine how challenging that may have been personally but even more so professionally given that my career involves both.

During this time I took myself on my own learning and self healing journey and found that there were some important themes which led me back to regaining my health and wellness. 


As my memory started to return so did my passion and purpose to get all of my workshops into an online format. I tested every online platform available, learn all about recording and am super proud of all that I have created in the last 16 months.

Below is a small sample of what I have created to date and I am so happy to keep adding to my product collection, helping people all over the world and also super excited to be teaching others how to do the same. 



Most importantly was the practice of 'Conscious Living' rather than auto pilot living.

I have been studying, practising & teaching in Behavioural Psychology, Spirituality, Metaphysics, and Business Development for the last two decades and thankfully I was able to utilise much of my knowledge for my own challenges.

This involved (pretty much) practising what I was teaching.

Mindfulness, meditation, self reflection, listening to my body, bringing my physical body back into alignment (working through emotions, managing my diet, setting small achievable goals, conscious mindset, subconscious work (especially with my inner child) exercise and supplementary Chinese medicine) and everything in between.


I recently started a podcast in which I start to uncover the foundations of personal growth and development and in Episodes 1-6 discuss what I believe are the Foundations of Personal Growth and Development. 

1. Self Reflection

2. Accountability

3. A Learning Spirit (Humility)

Browse through our product collection and also feel free to download all the FREE worksheets and listen to the podcast episodes which will guide you to getting clearer on and achieving your goals.


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You have one beautiful life, please go live it with 'Balance' and in good health and wellness!

Much love and I look forward to supporting you along your personal and professional soul journey. 

Trudy Vesotsky x