Our customers love us, we don't even like calling them that because to be honest, most of them have become our extended family.

We love what we do because we LOVE seeing people enjoy love filled, happy, healthy, wealthy and successful lives. 

Read more about what others think of our Holistic Psychology workshops below. 

Always fun, educational and benefit me for personal growth!
I would certainly recommend to anyone as you’ll certainly be rewarded with her inspirational knowledge. - Greg Cram - Principal Ray White, Berri, Barmera, Loxton/Waikerie - https://raywhiteberri.com.au/

Trudy has been a mentor and great support for me in both my business and personal life. Her strategies and advice are fantastic and see makes the information and resources she provides fun and easy to understand. I would highly recommend working with her and enrolling in one of her courses. They are affordable and really get results. Highly recommended – Chrissy Symeonakis - http://creativelittlesoul.com.au/

I have experienced Trudys magic in many forms vision board classes , meditation, courses.Her insight knowledge intuition and guidance have been paramount in my life.   I highly recommend Trudy to guide you in any aspect of your life from creativity, connecting to and healing inner child wounds , setting your life on the path of limitless potential. Her capacity to shine a light on areas of struggle in your life with her no nonsense approach with love and humour are sure to shift some energy that perhaps has kept you from fully reaching your goals and aspirations. – Alison Brinsley

I have attended many of Trudy's workshops, webinars and classes since 2011. Every class of Trudy's has been immensely valuable, insightful, helpful, positive, supportive and I have experienced incredible transformations,shifts and aha's and taken away the learnings, strategies and tips to better guide me and to support me moving foward. The content and activities are brilliant, simple and implementable, and helped me to focus on where I want to go and how to get there. I attended at least one goal setting workshop each year with Trudy, as Trudy is a master in goal setting, action plans and clarifying the where to (vision) and how (action plan). Trudy is incredibly talented and has a positive, supportive energy and powerful communication style that all people relate to and will benefit from. Blessed and grateful for all that Trudy has shared over the years and for the support I have received and benefited from. Thank you kindly Trudy xo – Karen Low

Trudy is very gifted. It’s fascinating how her simple, quick and easy techniques have proved to be so effective at creating revelations, breakthroughs, healing and lots of positive change in my life. If you are feeling blocked, frustrated or having difficulties in your life I highly recommend her workshops. – Sacha Beverley

Trudy has been one of the most positive influential mentors I have had in my life. Her level of expertise, care, honesty, integrity and ability to access deep wisdom and energetic information has enabled me to break-free from my own limitations in order for me to step into my authentic self. Trudy has been a significant catalyst in my search for truth and personal journey. I highly recommend Trudy's work, I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance. – Alana Arvanitis - https://theself-lovemovement.com/