20+ Facebook Promotion & Connection Groups
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20+ Facebook Promotion & Connection Groups

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Are you in any FB groups?

Do you know how many people use Facebook groups?

According to latest current data, over 1.4 billion people! 

There are currently more than 10 million Facebook groups and these are growing daily. 

When you use Facebook groups, you have great opportunities to

  • build relationships
  • connections and
  • grow your reach organically.

So many people spend FB ads to promote their business products/services but when you use Facebook groups, you can gain FREE exposure and connect directly with your customers.

We have compiled a brief list of 20+ promotion and connection groups in FB for Women that we like because they add value, are authentic and basically nice human beings lol.

Yes there are thousands of groups and we could list more but at the moment, these are some of the groups that we use. 

There are lots of free promotion groups but we personally enjoy these groups so check out the ones in this list and good luck in connecting with your audience and meeting some cool, high vibe people along the way.

If you have a valuable FB group and wish to be added to this list then please email to me (address below).

Email: holpsy@holpsy.com


1. Add this item to your cart. You can also add all the free items to the same cart. 

2. Press checkout and complete the required details. 

3. Your item/s will download instantly (depending on your internet speed). You will also receive an email with the download link in case you didnt download immediately. Downloads are best performed on a laptop, PC device however most mobile phones have pdf reader nowawdays. 

4. You can OPEN the pdf document and click the links and be taken direct to that page, how easy is that!

Remember to do your own due diligence before joining a FB group. 

Please do not sign up to monthly memberships unless you really can see the benefits.

Spend some time in a group before you sign up and watch to see if you will gain the value of your investment.

Please be mindful that FB admins may change the rules and you will need to read all the rules to be sure that you are allowed to post for free.

Ohhh and come join our FB group but we are not a promotion group. We are an action taking group! 


If you would like to join a cool space for creatives come join the FREE FB Launch and Grow Your Online Business Group. 

We have over 5+ hours of FREE video tutorials inside along with a friendly and supportive community from all over the globe ready and happy to cheer you along. 

Please be sure to answer all questions requested or you request to join may not be approved. 

Click the link below and see you in there https://www.facebook.com/groups/launchandgrowyouronlinebusiness


We love to hear your success stories so please feel free to Click the link below to join us on Instagram.


Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!


Trudy and the Holistic Psychology Team 


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