How to Set up a Podcast (in less than an hour)
How to Set up a Podcast (in less than an hour)
How to Set up a Podcast (in less than an hour)
How to Set up a Podcast (in less than an hour)
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How to Set up a Podcast (in less than an hour)

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During this Online Video Training Workshop you will be taken through easy to follow steps on how to set up your very own podcast. This is a basic course to have you up and running as soon as possible.


  • Online Video Tutorial
  • The video training runs for 50 minutes


  • Why do you want to Podcast?
  • Various Podcast hosting platforms
  • Our basic equipment 
  • How to use Anchor (free service) 
  • Setting up and Recording a Podcast including using intro music
  • How to get your Podcast onto Spotify, Itunes and other platforms
  • Tips on designing visual assets in Canva to support your podcast eg cover page

The aim of this course is to guide you to set up and podcast away to your heart desires.

This workshop is designed to focus on how to set up a basic podcast and does not cover lengthy equipment choices or marketing.


1. This Workshop includes a video tutorial

2. Once you add your item to cart, press checkout and make payment. Your product will commence download immediately and you will also be sent a follow up email with a download link as well.

3. Once your video training has downloaded,  grab a notepad and open up your browser to the links suggested and write down any notes as you follow the instructions. 

4. Press this link to watch further FREE tutorials on our Youtube channel on 'How to use Canva' for graphics etc

5. Alternatively feel free to join the FREE FB Canva Club Group where we have over 4+ hours of FREE video tutorials inside along with a friendly and supportive community from all over the globe ready and happy to cheer you along. 

Please be sure to answer all questions requested or you request to join may not be approved. 

Click this link below to join


Our author/workshop trainer (Trudy Vesotsky) has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Personal Development/Intuitive Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

Her first physical book was published in 2009 and she has ran over 200 topics in face to face workshops which are now all going online.

Her Podcast Trudy Talk was set up in 2019 and features 6 episodes discussing the 3 Foundations for Personal Growth and Success. She also created free downloadable worksheets to accompany her podcast and this has proven very successful with her listeners. 

Go check out her current podcast at the link below or click the FREE tab button at the top of this website and download her podcasts episodes for free. 

Click this link to listen to on Spotify or Itunes and many other podcast platforms at this link


We love to hear your success stories so please feel free to Click the link below to join us on Instagram.

Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!

Enjoy x

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