Trudy Talk Podcast - Episode 6 - Developing a Learning Mindset
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Trudy Talk Podcast - Episode 6 - Developing a Learning Mindset

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Grab a notepad and pen and listen to this podcast episode where we discuss more about our final foundation for personal growth which is Developing a Learning Spirit/Mindset.

In this episode we discuss the ability to embrace by a learning spirit so that you are open to experiencing new ideas, thoughts with a spirit of open mindedness.

 Some areas we cover are:
  •     Practice Humility
  •     Learn to actively listen
  •     Be Open Minded
  •     Be open to experience
  •     Be willing to make mistakes
  •     Be willing to apologise
  •     Be willing to experience change
  •     Encourage self honesty and external
  •     Check in on yourself, your behaviours and your mannerisms
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