How to Find Your Passion & Create Products
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How to Find Your Passion & Create Products

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People around the globe are currently experiencing changing and challenging times. 

We wanted to offer you this FREE gift, in hope that it may support you in changing the way that you do business in an effort to support you to succeed.


In this training video the trainer will take you through a simple mind map exercise offering you with an opportunity to reflect on your broad and varied skills, with the aim of you utilising them to set up your Online business or enhance your existing products/services. 

Topic have been broken down into the following areas. 

  • How the Trainer condustced her own Skill Set Mind Map
  • Find your Passion
  • Product Ideas

Note: This is not a comprehensive training however we have had many people use this training that have told us that they have enjoyed many 'aha' moments and successfully pivoted their business or started created new digital products (eg eBooks, online courses). 

In actual fact this simple technique and template was designed and used by your trainer when she suffered 4 years memory loss (due to a medication side effect) as she embarked on a goal to recover her memory and put all 100+ of her workshops into an Online format. 

There are many more tools out there however given the current circumstances the author wanted to offer you this FREE gift, in hope that it may support you in changing the way that you do business in an effort to support you to succeed.


1. This is a 20 minute video tutorial which also includes a worksheet,  once you go through check out, it will download immediately.

2. Print the worksheet out and follow along with instruction as you watch the training tutorial.  


You might also like to download other FREE products as we have 20+ resources; including limiting beliefs worksheets and podcast episodes that will take you through some mindset discussions which will definitely provide you with better self reflection skills. Click the link below and go grab them all!


Our aim is always to support you personally and professionally and in this $97 collection we have on offer a range of products to give you all that you need to continue to upskill yourself. 

We have designed a range of product price points and you can easily be getting set up in your business with our scholarship prices. 

Some of our trainings have been addded to our $97 training area and you can view them all by clicking the link below.

Keep checking back regularly as more trainings are being added regularly. 


Trudy Vesotsky has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

However her aim has always been to put her 120 face to face workshop topics into Online Courses. 

An unexpected health crisis 4 1/2 years ago saw her temporarily lose her memory (for 4 years) and put that goal on hold for a few years. Thankfully approximately 8 months ago much of it started to come back so she embarked back into the Online arena but noticed that alot had changed. 

She spent endless amounts of time researching and trialling a range of platforms, websites, software and technology and tools and decided to record and share her journey with the aim of helping others to get themselves online. 

To date she has written and recorded over 80 digital products, 20+ eBooks and 
and 3 Workbooks (to accompany her online workshops).

You will find some of them ready to use on this website.

You can also head to her YouTube Channel to watch loads of them there at this link 

We also have a range of Online workshops being added to this website over the coming weeks/months so please keep a look out on this website for more details.

Wishing you all the very best and if you need anything please reach out to us via the contact for or emailing to

Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!


Trudy and the Holistic Psychology Team  x


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