Meditate and Create Facilitator Training
Meditate and Create Facilitator Training
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Meditate and Create Facilitator Training

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Have you ever wanted to run workshops and change lives, but haven't had the chance or time to create a workshop to deliver? 

We have the answer! Become a facilitator in one or all of our Business in a Box Trainings. 

Each of our programs have run successfully and been delivered across Australia or to an online community for over 20 years. 

Everything you need is included in this training package and once you have completed the training, you can start running your workshop immediately. 

You don't have to write anything. You can learn and then start earning straight away.

But not only will you earn money, you will also be positively supporting people and changing, transforming lives. 

But for those that like earning money quickly, this is one of the quickest returns on your investment, and many of our students have gone on to earn more than double the investment cost by running just a few workshops!

What is the Focus of these Meditate and Create Events?

Someone once asked me, 'what is the point of creating prior to meditating'? I responded with, what's the harm in doing both in one setting?

Meditation is when we bring our mind into one sole focus.

However, sometimes it’s next to impossible to concentrate when we have so many thoughts, (past, present and future ruminating inside of us). 

The mind continues riding these waves of thoughts as we engage in the routines and responsibilities of life. If we do not give ourselves regular moments to pause, then the weight of our thoughts get heavier and heavier.

So, first we need to come to a STOP.

In this workshop you will give everyone attending an opportunity to STOP while you guide them through a range of creative activities to assist participants to let go of the past, pause their fears on the future and simply remain in the present moment.

Participants will spend some time in creation and fun mode and when their body and mind are more rested and relaxed, the meditation can be undertaken in a calmer, more peaceful state.

Each session concludes with a guided meditation. 


During this class session, you will guide participants through some creative activities and meditation: 

  • Guide participants through a different creative activity each week (or run as a 1/2 full day retreat).
  • Current activities are; 
  • Making a Zen Garden.
  • Designing Worry or Mala beads. 
  • Sand Mandala Creation. 
  • Clay Trinket Making. 
  • Meditation undertaken at the conclusion of each session. 

Return on Investment

Where else can you receive an instant ROI (return on your investment)?

Let's do some basic maths!

This is the quickest and easiest way to not only make your investment of $$ money back, but also continue earning money from running these programs online or in person events. 

Your first event can bring in $$

When you sign up 77 people at $97 to your Meditate and Create Workshop/s you will earn - $7500!


  • Meditate and Create Facilitator worksheets. 
  • Meditation scripts, facilitator notes.  
  • Material and supply list  (e.g. dry clay, sand mandala art, zen garden etc). 
  • A range of colour in templates that can be printed and used in your workshop. 
  • Online Facilitator Training - conducted in an online training platform.
  • Group Coaching (via Zoom with Trudy).
  • Assessment of your first training and feedback (provided via video recording). 
  • Support after training. 
  • Promotional marketing material designs (editable in Canva).

All facilitators will be featured on our website with links directed to their website, email or social media account. 


This training has successfully been held as either a 2 hour or 1/2 day event. Some trainers have utilised 1-3 of our facilitator programs and offered a full week retreat.  

You can be as adventurous as you like!

Format Ideas 

  • 1.5 - 2 hour workshops
  • 1 - 2 hr Group Coaching Classes, Bimonthly
  • Half Day Workshops
  • Full Day Workshops
  • Online Retreats
  • Face to Face (in person) retreats

We will provide suggested event attendance costs (for participants) however these are suggested costings, and you can charge more or less. 


Only a certain amount of facilitator training spots will be available for each state across Australia and other countries so that each facilitator is able to maximise their financial gains.  

If you wish to join the waitlist and find out more, please register at this link >>

You can request a discounted package price if you purchase 2 or more programs at a discounted price. Contact us direct to discuss this further by emailing to us at

Should you wish to discuss purchasing this facilitator training prior to the 2023 launch dates and/or set up payment plans prior to training commencement, please email to 


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