Trudy Talk Podcast - Episode 2 - Limiting Beliefs - Grab your FREE worksheet
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Trudy Talk Podcast - Episode 2 - Limiting Beliefs - Grab your FREE worksheet

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Do any of these limiting beliefs below resonate with you? Grab a notepad and pen and then head to the FREE worksheets tab and grab your FREE Limiting Belief worksheet and come back for Episode 3.
  •     Sometimes in life we need to suffer before we can enjoy happiness.
  •     I should be farther along than I am.
  •     I’d better not be too happy, or I’ll just have further to fall down when the joy ends.
  •     You have to have money to make money
  •     I must not boast about my success.
  •     I run away when things get tough.
  •     I cannot make my decisions without other people’s approval. I have to say yes to everyone
  •     I have to do everything myself.
  •     I must be perfect in everything I do.

Go grab the next episode where we cover more on the topic of more about Limiting Beliefs and Fear.


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