How to Create Online Workshops
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How to Create Online Workshops

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Someone recently said "why would someone pay for your course of information if they can google it?"

Our answer was:

1. "Your client wants a solution to their problem, they are not looking just for random information". 

2. "You have solved a problem and have knowledge and experience in an area that can guide and support them and that is what many people need!". 

3. "People love connection and when they come to you they are connecting with a real live person that has real life results not some random information that they read on a website". 

Another person said to me "the internet is overloaded with workshops and trainings' why bother creating an online course when there are so many out there?" 

Our answer was: "Because there are also so many people out there that need something that you know".  


  • Online Video Tutorials 
  • PDF Digital Workbook 
  • FB support in exclusive private group

This simple and easy to follow Online Workshop will take you on a journey of creating your very first Online Workshop (hopefully the first of many). 

By the conclusion of this workshop you will have the skills required to create a valuable resource to add to your business portfolio. 


E-Learning is the future.

Technology has really revolutionised teaching and learning.  In 2015 the global E-Learning market was worth an impressive $107 billion and researchers predict that by by 2025,  it will reach a staggering total market value of $500 billion.

Lectures and seminars no longer have to be confined to the classroom because people now have access to digital tools ranging from mobile devices, virtual learning systems to online courses.

There is an enormous demand for online learning as it has a range of benefits to employers and employees, it is cost-effective and you can learn from any location without needing to travel. 

If you want to be a part of the $500 Billion Dollar BOOMING E-Learning Industry, you WILL WANT to purchase and work through this self paced workshop!


Part 1: How to Identify your Unique Skill Set (find a topic that you will love to teach)

Part 2: How to Research your topic

Part 3: How to Develop your Course into a Product (to giveaway or sell)

Part 4: Hosting Course Platform Options

- An overview of the options of where and how to host your Online Course/s

Part 5: How to Structure Your Modules and Course Plan

Part 6:  Delivery Methods for Each Lesson

Part 7: How to Film, Record and Edit your Online Course

Part 8: How to Price your Workshop

Part 9: Setting up your online school

Part 10: Ready to set up Sales Pages and attract your students. 

and some BONUS lessons including How to Design 3D mock ups and other marketing ideas! 

1. This Workshop includes a video tutorial and digital E-work book and once you go through check out, it will download immediately.

2. Once you have downloaded either a) grab a notepad and start writing the answers into your notepad or b) print the E-book out and start working through any exercises in the book. 

EXTRA BONUS: You will also be invited to join our exclusive Online Entrepreneur FB Private group where you will hear from other experts in the field of marketing, FB advertising etc


Your Workshop trainer Trudy Vesotsky has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

Her first physical book and EBook was published in 2009 and she has conducted a diverse range over 200 topics in face to face workshops, so she has alot of knowledge and skills to share with you. 

She recently commenced putting her 120 + workshops into online training and her knowledge, skills, and the short cuts that she has acquired are now being passed on to you. 

Trudy has to date designed and delivered over 80+ digital products in 16 months and her aim this year is to turn another 20 of her face to face workshops into Online Courses with the aim of having all her workshops online by 2023. 


We love to hear your success stories so please feel free to Click the link below to join us on Instagram.

Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!

Enjoy x

STAY TUNED!  Entry into the Online Entrepreneur Academy is OPENING SOON!

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