Create Your Own Affirmation Cards
Create Your Own Affirmation Cards
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Create Your Own Affirmation Cards

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Everything you need to easily get inspired to design your own affirmation cards. 

How often have you made an amazing comment, quote or affirmation to someone and never done anything else with it? 

This valuable information needs to get out there to the global population. 

You have within you the ability to create a deck of beautiful cards that will inspire, educate and positively impact people's lives.

This DIY workshop will show you all that you need to be able to design and sell your affirmation cards.

You might like to sell them as a digital copy (people print themselves) or we will also give you some tips on getting your cards printed, so you can also sell as a physical product. 

So, we invite you to come on a journey of creating a card deck (possibly one of many card decks!). 

Some of you might like to create; 

  • affirmation cards
  • crystal meaning cards
  • essential oil cards
  • positive vibes cards
  • health check in cards
  • life coaching cards
  • yoga cards
  • exercise routine cards
  • astrology/numerology
  • colour therapy
  • children's positive word cards

and anything else that you desire. Allow your imagination to guide you.  The card possibilities are endless!


Affirmation cards use short sentences, phrases or images to guide people towards creating positive thoughts and action. The idea is to empower and enlighten the card reader as well as urge them to release any negativity, ideally placing them in a space to create a more positive reality.

These types of cards can have powerful impacts on people and according to psychologists, there is science behind affirmation cards.  Self-affirmation is a psychological theory that focuses on validating yourself through positive words to gain self-awareness, clarity and potentially new empowering decisions and action. 

In essence, you are offering people something extremely important that can positively shape their lives! How good is that!

This is an online training program, but we will invite you to share your amazing creations inside our FB group! You might find your audience inside, and you might also inspire someone to create their own affirmation cards!


+ BONUS - Trudy's personal Canva affirmation card templates in 3 sizes


STEP 1 - Decide on a Topic (what is your desired outcome for your audience). 


  • Discussing goals with the aim to start and finish your first of many card decks
  • Brainstorming
  • Walking you through your desired outcome?
  • One topic that you want to create your first set of decks for?
  • Who is your customer, why do they need your deck of cards? 
  • What is the purpose of your deck of cards?
  • Action steps

STEP 2 -  Setting your Intent and allowing your inspiration to shine through


  • a brief meditation guiding you to align with your inspiration 
  • discovering ways to create content that is aligned with your values 
  • a look inside some of Trudy's designs
  • action step

    Step 3 - Introduction to using Canva


      • practical exercise shown inside Canva
      • how to use the basic drag and drop method
      • action step

      Step 4 Using the Canva card deck templates provided and setting up as a template (so you can easily create many more card decks)


      • how to use the bonus Canva card deck templates provided
      • how to set up your own template

      STEP 5 - Design your deck - using Canva (free version or pro version)


      • ways to plan out your card deck
      • images, wording, 
      • where to source copyright free images
      • deck available sizes
      • how many cards in a deck
      • types of layouts and preparing your layout
      • how to use included templates 
      • action step

      STEP 6 - Creating mini eGuide with instructions for use of your card deck


      • developing brief eGuide
      • use of fonts and graphics for aesthetics
      • copy and paste from Microsoft Word
      • how to add URL links into your eBook 

      STEP 7 - Edit and proofread 


      • editing your card decks
      • organising your document/s to be proofread

      STEP 8 - Ready to download/upload/print/sell


      • downloading your card deck (for print quality or standard file)
      • print supplier ideas 
      • different types of packaging for your card deck
      • places to sell your card decks (without needing a website)
      • ways to accept payments for purchase without the need for complex payment gateway

      By the conclusion of this workshop, you shall have a set of card decks ready to print or sell as a digital product. You will also have an eGuide to add to your deck (optional). 

      Please note that this training is based on using desktop to create your cards, and various changes may be required to create on iPad/Phone devices. 


      1. Canva Card templates 

      • You will be provided with 3 different size Canva template card layouts to use. 

      2. Mini eGuide template

      • You will be provided with 1 Canva mini eGuide to use. 


      3 Steps to Successfully Using this Masterclass

      1. Grab a notebook and pen and have them on hand as you are very likely to get some ‘aha’ moments, ideas and inspiration as you progress through this Masterclass. Write down notes as you watch and listen to the video tutorial.
      2. Set aside some specific time to undertake this session, and preferably without interruptions.
      3. Open up your Canva account and follow along with the instructions. 
      4. Be sure to pause the video at any time, as you are far more likely to enjoy success in this area if you practice what you are learning as you work through the video workshop tutorial.


      Your Workshop trainer Trudy Vesotsky has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

      Her first physical book was published in 2009 and included an accompanying Ebook that she created which included fillable forms, and an embedded meditation. 

      Her quotes have been used by thousands of people around the world over the last 15 years. Go google her name lol 

      She has created 100+ digital products part-time in 16 months, including 10+ e-books. 

      She had much success with in the online arena and has decided it's time to show you how easy it is to also get on board the digital product and e-learning arena!

      CREATE AND SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS IN 8 WEEKS PROGRAM - Next Intake commences 10th March 2023

      Be sure to keep a look-out for her 8-week program. The first 2 intakes sold out, and it is honestly one of the most affordable and valuable programs on the globe. So much content, and she makes it so easy to create digital products and online courses by following her step-by-step videos plus you get bonus coaching inside an FB group for the October intake!

      You will learn how to create:

      • lead magnet
      • eBook
      • mini online course
      • eWorkbook

      All templates included, plus loads more!

      Read more about this program at this link below and be sure to purchase your spot as both of our June and October 2022 intakes SOLD OUT! 

      You will get immediate access to the course, so you can be working through the modules and on 5th March you will be invited into the exclusive FB group, ready to receive 2 x weekly coaching from Trudy herself. 


      Click the link below to view what's inside the 8-week program.

      Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!

      Enjoy x

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