How to Create Digital Products - 1:1 Strategy Session
How to Create Digital Products - 1:1 Strategy Session
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How to Create Digital Products - 1:1 Strategy Session

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Have you been thinking about ways to expand your business in 2022 and beyond? 

Do you want to start making some additional side income?

Digital products are items that are stored, delivered and used in electronic format.

digital product is any product you can sell virtually. It comes in digital form and can either be sent out manually or set up on an automated platform and downloaded from the Internet. 

You can also however turn digital products into physical products. For instance, many people buy EBooks in a PDF format, then print them on their computers. The product becomes physical, but it may have started out in digital format.

The trainer of this workshop wrote her first physical book 12 years ago but at the same time turned it into an EBook and was able to sell copies to people overseas that otherwise may not have wanted to wait for a hard copy. 

She has created over 100 digital products including online courses and has loads of shortcuts, tips and all the skills, knowledge and experience to help you get started. 


We are currently only providing limited in person workshops to attend our Gold Coast location however we do have availability for this strategy session to be conducted live via Zoom (anywhere around the world).

This price is for 1 person to be taken through a personalised strategy session. 

For further questions please email to use at address below

Should you wish to organise an in house training (minimum of 10 persons) please email to us and we are happy to call and have a chat and provide a quote. 


  • Pre training worksheets
  • 2 x 30 minute coaching calls with your e-creator expert
PDF Digital Workbook 
In this Workshop we want to discuss the type of Digital Product ideas that exist and have you consider what kind of digital product you want to create.


Will you create:

  • An EBook?
  • An email course?
  • A webinar or workshop?
  • A printable template or worksheet?
  • or a plethora of other options?

The beauty of digital products is that you only create them once but can continue to attract sales for years to come (with that one product)!

      This simple and easy to follow Online Workshop will take you on a journey of How to Create Digital Products. 

      This personalised training will take your through the following:

      1. What are digital products?

      2. An overview of the 3 forms of digital products, written, audio and video including some of the following;

      a) Ebooks, printables, templates, audio files (eg audio books, meditations, audio workshops), E-learning (online courses) and much more. 

      3. The 6 easiest digital products to create and sell online. 

      4. Web platforms choices to sell your digital products. 

      By the conclusion of this workshop you shall be able to practice creating simple digital products using Canva or computer based programs. 

      BONUS: You will also be provided with access to Canva related templates to set you up with quick lead magnets, eBooks and mini digital training presentations. 

      You may also like our Masterclass on 'How to Create Planners' as this takes you through the entire process of creating Planners to sell to your clients. 

      Click this link below to check out that training

      Note: We will only be be covering how to create basic digital products (eg Ebooks, printables, audio files) as creating an Online Training Workshop is a more detailed course but you can read more about that course at this link 



      Your Workshop trainer Trudy Vesotsky has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

      Her first physical book and Ebook was published in 2009 and she has ran over 200 topics in face to face workshops so she has alot of knowledge and skills to share with you. 

      She is currently recording all her 100+ face to face workshops into an Online Workshop format and have loads of new workshops coming out soon so be sure to check back here often!


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      Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!

      The Holistic Psychology Team


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