How to Excel in Customer Service - Online Workshop
How to Excel in Customer Service - Online Workshop
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How to Excel in Customer Service - Online Workshop

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Great customer service means more than a pleasant greeting when your staff begin a call or spot a customer. 

And two facts you need to pay attention to:

1. 73% of customers remain loyal to a brand because of friendly service

2. 93% of customers will buy again if they’ve had a great service experience

The numbers do not lie, customer service is extremely important for your business.

Most people (including your customers) remember 'feelings', not facts. 

Great customer service focuses on carefully listening to your customers’ wants and needs, then attending to them as if they were you own.

The statistics below show the bad news but the good news is that investing in this customer service skills training program will bring you a huge return and support you in building a loyal and happy customer base.

What is the Focus of this Customer Service Course?

The primary objective of this workshop is to equip you and your team with a strong, versatile set of customer service skills that will enable them to represent your business professionally at all times.

We cover essential tools, such as communication, problem solving and adaptability, empathy and we will also cover how to handle difficult situations that will give you and your staff the confidence to deal with any tricky situation.  

Our Customer Service Course is designed to give you and your team skills set that benefits their everyday interaction with customers to make it enjoyable for all parties.  At the end of the workshop, you will have techniques that can be put into action immediately.


During this workshop you will learn: 

  • First Impressions Count
  • The Psychology of a buying customer
  • That your communication and mood affects your customer's experience
  • How indifference costs businesses $$$ of missed sales
  • The Pillars of Customer Service
  • Ten Major Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service
  • Dealing with difficult situations and how to maintain professional communication
  • Sales will happen more easily and frequently when you master your customer service and communication skills

NOTE: Our Advanced Communication Workshop is a perfect course to complete after or before this workshop. You can check the details at this link

    We guarantee that this Customer Service training will positively change the way that you do business.


    Your Workshop trainer Trudy Vesotsky has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

    She has delivered this course to thousands of people and the results for participants have been outstanding. 

    NLP/Behavioural Psychology is a the most powerful psychology technology of communication, persuasion and influence. The same technology Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, McDonald’s, Coca Cola  (and many others) use to achieve consistently outstanding success and results personally and professionally. 

    We know You Will Enjoy learning BEHAVIOURAL PSYCHOLOGY skills and how it can improve you and your business TODAY!


    There are many customer service workshops out there, but most just skim the surface of what really matters. They teach you to memorise what to say to customers, colleagues or family members but they don't look at your psychology and why you interact the way that you do.

    That's what really matters.

    Understanding the psychology of yourself is of utmost importance. Learning how to communicate to suit individual personalities and minimise conflict is important. 

    Few of us are deeply versed in the skills of behavioural psychology; yet these things determine the fate of the problems or success that we get in life, so you are in luck because your trainer is an expert in Behavioural Psychology and Linguistics.


    This is an online workshop and you will be able to stream the class via a learning platform. The platform selected suits watching both via computer or mobile phone.


    Limited opportunities are available for this course to be conducted via face to face training. Please email to to enquire about training within Australia and Overseas. 


    Whether you are in business and want to improve your customer service/sales skills or want to improve your communication with your partner, boss, children or in laws (lol) this course will teach you all that you need to know.


    There are no prerequisites for this training. 


    You will also receive a pre-workshop questionannire to complete before the workshop and a Workbook which are instantly downloadable. 


    A downloadable (PDF) Certificate of Completion is available at the conclusion of this workshop.

    We really want you get really great results, and improved your personal and business communication to achieve the highest level of success possible. 

    We wish you all the best and much success!

    The Holistic Psychology Team


    Trudy loves delivering this workshop and it is definitely well received by her participants. See a few of the testimonials and reviews below. 


    "I have worked in a range of sales areas over the years and I am currently Principal of a Ray White establishment in country South Australia. I was shown a demonstration of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) by Trudy Vesotsky from Egeia Corporate. I was so impressed that I along with my Administration Manager attended one of her 'Communication/Customer Service Training' workshops. The training was excellent and featured tools and techniques of NLP that are not only relevant to integrate within business operations but also support individuals in a personal context as well. I have seen the benefits of NLP and highly recommend Trudy's interactive training style and cutting edge content to you and your colleagues". - Greg Cram - Principal - Ray White - Berri Barmera Loxton Waikerie

    "As a Registered Training organisation we are very committed to ensuring that our staff and students are operating at a high level mindset to meet their goals with success. Over the last 4 years we have introduced many of Trudy's Psychology training's including Communication, Leadership and Sales and we have experienced outstanding outcomes and results. Trudy and Egeia Corporate are our preferred trainers across Australia as we not only see the benefits in working with someone that has invaluable experience as a writer/trainer and therapist but also someone that delivers the given topic with much passion and purpose. We highly recommend Trudy and all of her training's."  - CEO Ahmed Sokarno - Australian Academy  

    "Thank you Trudy, this workshop changed my life. My business is
    thriving, my relationships are rewarding and I am about to embark
    on a new business that I never would have successfully developed unless I understood and improved my mindset. I highly recommend this training. Thank you so very much".  - Jo, SA

    "Amazing training with an amazing lady, who shares her knowledge and experience which makes it so much more interesting. I am now going on to learn more about NLP as this topic has generated a whole different way of thinking. I am making some serious changes in my life and all because of the Training' that I attended with Trudy. Thank you, thank you. - John, SA


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