The Ultimate Card Deck Creation Course - In Person Workshop
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The Ultimate Card Deck Creation Course - In Person Workshop

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Everything you need to easily get inspired to design your deck cards  using Canva. 

How often have you made an amazing comment, quote or affirmation to someone and never done anything else with it? 

Want to learn how to make y our own oracle, affirmation, educational or inspirational cards?

This valuable information needs to get out there to the global population. 

You have within you the ability to create a deck of beautiful cards that will inspire, educate and positively impact people's lives.

This DIY workshop will show you all that you need to be able to design and sell your card decks.

You might like to sell them as a digital copy (people print themselves) or we will also give you some tips on getting your cards printed, so you can also sell as a physical product. 

So, we invite you to come on a journey of creating a card deck (possibly one of many card decks!). 

the ulitmate oracel/affirmation card deck creation course

Some of you might like to create; 

  • Affirmation cards
  • Oracle cards
  • Inspiration cards (quotes etc)
  • Wisdom cards
  • Divination cards
  • Bible cards
  • Rune cards
  • Guidance/Angel cards
  • Crystal meaning cards
  • Essential oil cards
  • Positive vibes cards
  • Health check in cards
  • Life coaching cards
  • I-Ching cards
  • Education cards - Yoga cards, Exercise routine cards
  • Astrology/numerology
  • Colour therapy
  • Children's Positive Word cards

and anything else that you desire. Allow your imagination to guide you.  The card possibilities are endless!


We will be sharing some definitions on the following categories in this training; 

  • Affirmation 
  • Divination 
  • Inspiration
  • Religion
  • Guidance
  • Miscellaneous/Educational


Whether you offer affirmation cards, inspiration cards or bible verses with short sentences, phrases or images, they all can guide people towards creating positive thoughts and action.

The idea of using cards has tremendous opportunity to empower and enlighten the card reader as well as well ass placing them in a space to create a more positive reality.

There are many different types of card categories, and they can be used to guide, instruct, probe or educate. 

In essence, you are offering people something extremely important that can positively shape their lives! How good is that!


This is an online training program, but we will invite you to share your amazing creations inside our FB group!

You might find your audience inside, and you might also inspire someone to create their own deck of cards!


Bring your laptop device, and your creativity and during this session you will learn all that you need to design your card deck. 

This is an abridged version of the online training program. You can read more about the Online Training at the link below

In this session, we will get straight into designing.

We will cover: 


  • Types of card decks
  • A look inside some sample ideas and designs
  • Text and Artwork (symbols, graphics, images etc)
  • Purpose of your card deck
  • Number Of Cards
  • Image Selection and Options


  • Introduction to Canva
  • How to use and edit templates
  • Use inbuilt elements and photos
  • Uploading your own art designs, photos, etc
  • Edit, proofread and test card design
  • Use of fonts and graphics for aesthetics


  • Different printing ideas
  • An overview of designing your instruction e-Guide using templates provided
  • How to add URL links into your Instruction e-Guide


  • Places that you can sell your card decks
  • Consider future card deck creations
  • Turn your card deck into online courses and other digital products


  1. Trudy's personal Canva Oracle/Affirmation card templates in 3 sizes
  2. Instruction Booklet/e-Guide template in 2 sizes
  3. NEW BONUS MODULE - How to use Canva and AI to create scripts and images to enhance your card decks. Making it so easy to create not just one deck, but many!

By the conclusion of this workshop, you shall have yourself set up the knowledge and skills to complete your card deck ready to print or sell as a digital product. You will also have the necessary skills to add an e-Guide/Instruction booklet to add to your deck (optional). 

Please note that this training is based on using desktop to create your cards, and various changes may be required to create on iPad/Phone devices. 


1. Canva Card templates 

  • You will be provided with 2 different size Canva template card layouts to use. 

2. Mini e-Guide/instruction template

  • You will be provided with 1 Canva mini e-Guide in two different sizes. 


1. How to use Canva and AI programs to add scripts/words and create images to make your cards even more amazing! 


Your Workshop trainer Trudy Vesotsky has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Personal Development and Business Coaching for the last two decades. 

Her first physical book and E-Book was published in 2009, and she has run over 200 topics in face to face workshops, so she has a lot of knowledge and skills to share with you. 

She has created 100+ digital products and online courses and her NEW Signature course sold out for both 2022 and 2023 intakes so if you are ready to Create and Sell Digital Products and Online Courses click the link below 



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