30 Day Gratitude Journal
30 Day Gratitude Journal
Holistic Psychology

30 Day Gratitude Journal

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People around the globe are currently experiencing changing and challenging times. 

We wanted to offer you this FREE gift, in hope that it may support you in bringing you feelings of gratitude, joy and hope. 

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This Journal 

We are so pleased to offer you our 44 page workbook and encourage you to practice 30 consecutive days of gratitude and watch your beautiful life become even more blessed and beautiful. 

Gratitude Attitude

The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness.

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater health, wellness and happiness.

It has been proven that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, which in turn improves health, use regularly it helps savour good experiences, which in turn helps manage challenges and and deal with adversity. Let's face it, we have had a few years of those!

Writing in a gratitude journal is a wonderful habit but also acts as a way to bring your attention/focus to being solution focused and less problem focused. 

You may have heard the saying 'where energy goes, energy flows' so be sure to be pointing your thoughts, energy and conscious action in the right direction. 

In 2015 after an emergency visit to hospital and being administered a medication our founder Trudy suffered the side effects of that particular drug, this resulted in memory loss for 4 years. 

Even during this challenging time she always focused on the blessings before her, within her and around her. She truly believes it was one of the catalysts for regaining her memory and health.

She has created this journal to support YOU in enjoying the blessings of YOUR life.

It can be as simple as filling it in for 5 minutes a day! 

It is something that each of us personally undertake every evening and morning and many times throughout the day.


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Much love and go get those dreams of yours and turn them into Reality!


Trudy and the Holistic Psychology Team 

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